Hello I'm Valerie!

My dearest elegant beauties, thank you for taking a moment to get to know me.

Born and raised under the California sun. Call me a free-spirit with an appreciation for the finer things in life. Curiosity has always followed me and I learned to be a student of the world. I find trends and fashion fascinating. They reflect the world we live in and the way we change. To study fashion, is to study humans.

I appreciate luxury (especially the luxury of time!) and the story behind a product or designer. It speaks to the thoughtfulness and purpose of the creation.

An aficionado for non-fiction books and thought-provoking conversations - with a friend or a stranger at the airport. A deep soul terrible at small talk. I embrace failing and failing fast as much as the beauty and rebirth that comes afterwards. An introverted extrovert who lives for quiet nights at home.

Family and Latin roots influence my work. My father taught me photography and how to always think critically. My mother taught me to be soft, feminine and fierce. She left this earth far too soon, giving me the harsh perspective that life is fleeting and photographs are beyond priceless. (Thank you Dad for all the photos you took of us!)

My grandmother's couture dress-making business shaped my obsession with fashion, flowy dresses and the belief that helping people feel beautiful can change their life.

Sacramento based luxury wedding photographer visits beautiful New York, New York and gets a self portrait

New York, New York / Mural artist: Ari Lankin

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