Hello I'm Valerie!

Thank you for taking a moment to get to know me.

Born and raised under the California sun.

I am a free-spirit with a grounded appreciation for the finer things in life. I find trends and fashion fascinating. They reflect the world we live in and human evolution. To study fashion, is to study humans.

An aficionado for non-fiction, history, and thought-provoking conversations. I embrace life's beautiful imperfections while seeking the beauty and silver linings in them. I am an introverted-extrovert who lives for meaningful connections and candid conversations.

My ideal self care date would be sitting outside a floral-covered cafe (like the ones in Paris!), and soaking up the sun as I read my latest book. My dogs by my side, as I sip a warm latte and enjoy a freshly baked chocolate croissant while Für Elise plays softly in the background.

Sacramento based luxury wedding photographer visits beautiful New York, New York and gets a self portrait

New York, New York / Mural artist: Ari Lankin

Going Deeper

work inspiration

a holistic photographer

Like art, I pause to step back, observe the whole picture, and find ways to add more value or deeper meaning to a session or wedding day. Whether you need styling tips, skincare information so you look your best, or anything else to personalize your session. I never forget that my clients are human and that there is always more to a photoshoot then just showing up.

My work is heavily influenced by family and roots.

My father taught me photography and how to observe things like an artist. My mother taught me to be soft, feminine, and fierce. She left this earth far too soon, giving me the reality that life is fleeting and photographs are beyond priceless.

Stories of my grandmother's former couture dress-making business shaped my appreciation for fashion, intentional design, and the belief that helping people feel beautiful can change their life.

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Fill me in on the services that you want and any specific questions you have. Bonus points if you tell me the date or timeframe for the session!

I am excited to connect with you and hear your story. If it is after 5pm or a weekend, I will respond the next business day.

(Here at TCP, we believe in recharging the body, mind and soul in order to show up whole-heartedly for you!)