Photography philosophy?

I believe in providing dynamic variety and always deliver galleries with classic images mixed with candid moments that tell a story.

I believe in posing everyone in their most flattering perspectives.

As someone who lost a parent too early, I have a unique perspective that allows me to pour my love and appreciation for memories into images that you will treasure for life.

How many photos are in a gallery?

For all standard sessions, you get 40+ images. I always provide an extra 10-15+ photos at no extra cost.

For weddings and events, I guarantee 50+ photos per hour booked. I provide more than the minimum at no extra charge.

Are sneak peek photos provided?

Always! You get a batch of sneak peek images within 1 week of the photoshoot.

What is the editing style?

Editing style includes color and light correction, blemish removal, complexion softening, and overall retouching. The tone of photos range from neutral to soft warmth with true-to-color whites and skin tones. This matters for both portrait and wedding photography (the white dress!).

I do not liquify photos (aka "body modifications"). Edits will enhance your natural beauty.

What are outdoor sessions like?

Active and free-spirited. I like to keep everyone moving to avoid stiffness. Everyone has a great time and we can shoot as close as your local park or travel to a beautiful setting that checks all your boxes.

Will you travel?

Yes. I cover the Sacramento, San Jose and Fremont area at no extra cost. Photoshoots outside of these areas, incur travel costs starting at $25+.

I travel all over the US and currently offer ongoing services in Miami & Hawai'i.

How are images selected for the gallery?

I hand-select each image in your gallery.

Like a storyteller, I look for the candid moments that tell the story of connection and I choose the picture-perfect moments that are the anchor of the album.

When are galleries delivered?

Full galleries are typically delivered 1-3 weeks after the photoshoot due to my commitment to delivering extra images and focusing on quality storytelling.

During busy season (Oct-Dec), photos may arrive later.

Are digital photos included in the session fee?

Yes, two sets of digital images are included. One set is formatted for sharing photos online and the other for professional printing.

What kind of posing guidance do we get?

You get expert posing guidance throughout the session. I pride myself on being a highly observant individual who tunes into people's energy, and their posing strengths and weaknesses. I can quickly identity your posing strengths and areas where you need more guidance.

I understand body language, emotive posing, and how to create the most flattering looks. With a mix of observation, intuition, and skill, I can help a shy person feel comfortable and come out of their shell. I can sense when clients are ready for bolder moves and I also LOVE to be your cheerleader.

For clients who appreciate editorial photos (think Vogue magazine!), we can play with creative, editorial and fine art posing.
(Just mention "Vogue posing" if this interests you!)

What are in-home sessions like?

Super sweet and cozy. In-home sessions are for anyone - couples, families, newborns, etc.

For couples or families, we plan details ahead of time and discuss your favorite parts of the home. We can also include activities like baking cookies, cooking, or doing something interactive.