Capturing Romance in the City of Love

Bonjour, mes amis! As an adventurous photographer with a heart full of wanderlust, I'm thrilled to introduce a NEW photography experience that's straight from the heart. Are you ready to pop the question in the City of Love or have your dream destination wedding in the romantic streets of Paris? Well, I am your photographer!

Why Choose Us?

Picture this: you're planning a surprise engagement proposal or a destination wedding in Paris. You want to capture every moment, every look, and every detail as your love story unfolds in this enchanting city. But why choose a local photographer from your city or state to accompany you on this unforgettable journey?

  1. Language of Love and Comfort: When you're amidst the charming streets of Paris, there's comfort in speaking your language. I was born and raised in the US, am fluent in English and familiar with American culture and wedding traditions.
  2. Familiar Time Zone: When you're orchestrating the perfect surprise proposal or planning your destination wedding in the City of Love, there's comfort in dealing with someone in your own time zone. We can arrange in-person meetings or video calls prior to your event. This allows you to establish an ongoing personal connections and go over all the details in the comfort of your own time zone.
  3. Language of Love: While we're immersing ourselves in the language of love in Paris, you'll be glad to know I've dedicated myself to learning French. From ordering croissants to directing your photoshoot, I'm here to make sure the language barrier doesn't come between us.

Bonus: I'm passionate about weaving your unique love story into a visual narrative that goes beyond the engagement or wedding itself. I'll accompany you on additional activities during your time in Paris, capturing candid moments and the authentic essence of your experience in this romantic city. I'll ensure that these cherished memories are beautifully preserved, adding depth and emotion to your overall photo collection.

The Joie de Vivre of Surprise Engagements

For those planning a surprise proposal, imagine the look of shock and delight on your partner's face as they say "oui" to forever. From the iconic Eiffel Tower to the charming streets of Montmartre, we'll choose the perfect backdrop for your grand declaration.

Dreamy Destination Weddings

For couples who've dreamt of saying "I do" in Paris, it's all about creating timeless memories. From intimate garden ceremonies to elegant receptions by the Seine, we'll craft your dream wedding album together.

A Dash of French Flair

And, of course, we can't forget a dash of French flair in our photography. Think of our photo sessions as strolls down the Champs-Élysées, sipping café au lait, and capturing the magic of Paris in every frame.

Let's Embark on This Adventure Together

So, whether you're planning a surprise proposal that'll make the Seine blush or envisioning a wedding that belongs in a Parisian fairytale, I'm here to turn your dreams into reality.

Don your berets, prepare your taste buds for the finest croissants, and pack your sense of adventure. Let's explore the romantic streets of Paris together, one photograph at a time.

Are you ready to make memories in the City of Love? Contact me today, and let's embark on this unforgettable adventure. À bientôt! 📸🗼💖