3 tips for glowing skin

Your photoshoot is around the corner. Outfits are picked out. Matching jewelry and shoes are to die for. You are super pumped and ready for the session. 

Then, you remember your photographer said “take care of your skin” a few days before the session. 

What the heck did that mean again?


Hi friends! I want to share 3 simple ways to prep your skin for a photoshoot. 

But before that, let’s talk about why it matters…

As a holistic photographer, I want my clients to feel and look great both on the outside and the inside. A good skincare routine will prep the skin for your makeup, or help your bare skin glow during the session. It is also an act of self-care which signals that you are taking care of yourself. Aside from glowing skin and empowering vibes, your skin will also thank you. No one wants dry, flaky skin showing up on their close-ups. 

Plus, good skin reduces editing time and gets your photos back to you faster!

Whether you are a skincare guru or barely putting on moisturizer each day, up-leveling your skincare routine a few days before session day will make you look and feel more confident. 

Here are 3 tips for glowing skin:

  1. Exfoliate. Try an exfoliating face mask 2 days before the session. Cup o’ Coffee or Mask of Magnaminty from Lush Cosmetics works great. This will deep cleanse your pores and remove gunk and sebum trapped inside. Finish with a moisturizer. 
  2. Hydrate & moisturize. Starting a few days before the session, keep your body and skin hydrated and drink lots of water. Remember to moisturize each morning and night. This keeps your skin supple, soft, and camera-ready. Bonus points if you use lotion from head to toe before the session. 
  3. Use a highlighter/bronzer. A touch of highlighter above the cheekbones can transform your on-camera look. With the sunlight reflecting, it will render a beautiful, soft glow. Taking it a bit further, using a bronzer can also create more depth and contour. If you’re not sure about it, try it out in your own selfies! But, even for people who don’t wear makeup, a little highlighter can go a long way. 

Follow these tips and your skin will glow on session day. 

If you would like more skincare tips, email me at tiltedcrownphotos@gmail.com. You will get my daily 7-step skincare routine including each product I use and why it matters!

Here’s to self-care and your glowing skin!